Sunday, 6 January 2013

I haven't written anything for a while but today I read some comments regarding this article on Sweden's 1999 legislation which changes the traditional view of prostitution by criminalising the buying of a woman for sex and decriminalises the selling of sex, thereby putting legal repercussions for prostitution firmly at the door of men. But not just with your average (average?) man buying sex but with organised criminals and sex traffikers. So any criminals seeking to profit from prostituting women in Sweden got a short sharp shock and since the law was enacted in 1999, guess what? Sex trafficking has gone from a huge problem to nil. (read the article) Thereby saving the lives of countless women and children from being forced into prostitution. 

That's great, right? But not according to some sad-sack women in the comments section. Bleating *but what about the wimmins choice to prostitute herself? What about the CHOICE????* What??? What fresh hell is this absurd plea that in order to allow a few women the choice to prostitute themselves we must question a law which helps so many others. My reply to that is as follows:

Prostitution attracts organised crime and sex trafficking  Sweden's law has reduced trafficking to nil. Sex trafficking includes not just women but children. If you could prevent the trafficking of women and children by adhering to the law and maybe getting a different fucking job wouldn't you do that? Or would you just say hey it's MY choice as a woman... Honestly are we really saying prostitutes are hollow unfeeling shells with no responsibility to anyone else but themselves and their their own *choice* (which seemingly must never be denied no matter how many trafficked women it harms) or should we be questioning this assumption that the law must allow prostitution (and trafficking and child sex for the freedom of choice of these few women.) What about the trafficked women. What choice so they have unless society and our fucked up sense of individualism realises how selfish we are being. And I don't give a damn what a woman does with her body but if the law changes things for the better for ALL women then I'm on the side of that law.