Friday, 20 May 2011

Sanctified Misogyny

Yeah, you know what that is don't you? It's when religions use their dogma and "sacred texts" to justify the oppression of women. And it's not just one religion, right. It's all of them. Every single monotheistic religion out there denigrates and dehumanises half the human race in a frolicking patriarchal ancient bronze age, completely outdated, out of context and out of their tiny minds misogyny-fest.

If you're born with a dangling piece of flesh between your legs, sometimes called a penis, you're fine. The world is yours, God LOVEs you so much. (God is a man and presumably also has a penis, hence why he is so into you) Your penis gives you the right to do whatever you choose. You may hold forth and pontificate as Archbishop, you may become an Islamic cleric and pass judgement on all manner of female waywardness. You may become Pope! You can stride about in your Priestly robes. You can tell women everywhere what to do with their bodies. You can tell us to cover up, lest we inflame your poor penis into action, which is not good because all sexuality is wrong. Wrong.

But hey, it's not all bad. There is some good news from the religious side of life.

Oh. No there actually isn't. I looked and there is nothing good about being a woman according to God, be he Yahweh, Allah, or the GOP. If you have to be a woman then for goodness sake be quiet, cover up, have no desires, none, nothing, nada. You must want or need nothing except to bear children and clean the kitchen. If you do happen to want anything else, like say, drive a car in Saudi, or wait until you're at least out of puberty before you get married to a 50 year old, or not have your genitals sliced off, or vote (Saudi), or attend school  without having acid thrown in your face (Afghanistan) or become a member of the Afghan parliament without having your life threatened (Malalai Joya) or go outside without the permission of your male "guardian", even though you're an adult woman (Saudi) (again) or critique Islam in the most honest unflinching way without being threatened with death (again) (Ayan Hirsi Ali) or indeed just be a human being with her own thoughts, then please don't look to religion. Because religion hates you. It hates your mind and your spirit. It hates your sexuality. It hates your body. And most of all it despises your femininity because guess what, it isn't masculinity. That's right, women are not men! And we don't have penises. Therefore God, who decides these things, has decided that we must live a half life. Like some radioactive isotope with our inherently unstable female atoms undergoing exponential decay in a world which degrades us because we dare to exude that very essence of which we are made, our femininity.

Don't take this religious bullshit anymore.


Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

O puh-leeze. It's about receiving the Holy Eucharist. Not about you or me, but to serve and honor God as to achieve Heaven Above. Please don't think it's about you. You're nuthin. I'm nuthing. God could just as well smite U.S. into ashes if God so chose - and we deserve it; however, because God loves U.S. He gives U.S. maaaaany chances to change our ways --- Lookit Lenin and Stalin. God greeted them when they had to stand before Him at their Final Judgment and He asked'm, "Do you want Heaven?" Only one of them went up (Stalin felt so bad about killing 6 million Russians he sed God could never forgive - blasphemy. How do we know?) I'll see Lenin someday; I'll see you someday, too, if you repent and believe if you'll believe God is all POWerfull to forgive sins --- If you'll log-on to 'closenmyeyes' you'll see how I wanna serve you and honor you in Heaven. I love you, girl. Don't turn away from God at the Last Moment. God bless you. See ya soon.

hazMatts said...

It's not true that this is across the monotheistic board. Being religious does not necessarily mean you follow one of the ancient set belief systems. You have the freedom to make your own - we are all religious to something, be it our own self improvement, or the building up or tearing down of others. I don't mean to tip-toe on a semantic tight-rope, but you have every right to create or avoid any religions - it's just a belief set - and apparently your religion incorporates degrading people of other "religions". You may not believe in any gods, but certainly you seek higher devotion within some parameters.

Razer said...

The Spirit loves... "Religion" hates and fears. It is of Man NOT Dog!

Oh, and Kold_Kadavr Put that Holy biscuit between your thighs and squeeze hard lest it be sucked into thy lurid quim.

Now... can i haz a cheezeburger?

That Tie Dye Guy said...

This is why I am a pagan and a goddess worshiper. Among the pagan religions women are held in as high regard as men

theliberator12 said...

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