Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Putin is an Alpha Dog or Where the Fuck is it?

Well, I like dogs, but Putin? No thanks. I don't want his doggy jaws anywhere near my English cream tea.

But Russian dog distractions aside, once again the slightly flamboyant Kenneth Lipp has referenced my terrific and wondrous blog in his analysis of the UN - that increasingly flaccid organ of Utter Nothing. Defamation of Religion...read it and weep oh freethinking and vigorously robust challengers of dogma, hypocrisy and downright bloody lies, for thine is the Kingdom..  Lets us for once target the source of oppression, the set in stone ancient religious texts, instead of those that question it. How about a Defamation of Basic Dignity and Human Rights as espoused by the Bible, the Torah and Koran? How about that for starters UN?


genesis in white noise said...

mostly manly (i thought the feather boa incident was agreed upon as between you and I? I was quite drunk, you can't use that as litmus)

Emma said...

You are always drunk.

genesis in white noise said...

How would you know?
Or is that your roundabout way of calling me fruity?

noman said...